Building Bridges

The Building Bridges research is described in more detail here


This page provides a series of presentations from people working in different parts of the disability services or justice system in Victoria. The role of each speaker was to highlight just a few issues that they know to be relevant in their area of work, and which they want service providers in other areas to know about. Each clip includes a lengthy Q&A in which audience members seek specific information from the speakers.


These presentations took part during full day workshops, which were a rare opportunity to bring together the people working in intersecting but often disconnected elements of the health and justice sectors.


Video 1 of 7: ABI issues & justice
Glenn Kelly, Psychologist, discusses elements of ABI important for service response in Victoria.

Video 2 of 7: Self Advocacy
Karen Jorgensen, Manager-client services, Brainlink, discusses Victorian ABI service networks.

Video 3 of 7: Self Advocacy
Damien Sheehy, Self Advocate, discusses his experiences in the justice system.

Video 4 of 7: Independent Third Persons
Emma Moore, Office of the Public Advocate, discusses the Independent Third Persons program.

Video 5 of 7: Victoria Police
Stephen Pope, Senior Sergeant, Victoria Police discusses policing issues relevant to ABI

Video 6 of 7: Legal
Viv Avery, Lawyer, Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service, discusses accessing legal representation

Video 7 of 7: Corrections Victoria
James Law, Senior Parole Officer, and Susan Dandy, Acting Operations Manager, Community Correctional Services, discuss the role of Correctional Services.