Overt Behaviour Scale

The Overt Behaviour Scale (OBS) is used as a clinical and research tool in many countries. It was developed to record a range of challenging behaviours displayed by people with acquired brain injury (ABI) living in community settings.

The OBS provides clear operational definitions of challenging behaviours. Its structured format helps to elicit information that might otherwise not be obtained.

Administration guidelines

The “Administration Guidelines” will assist consistent and reliable use of the OBS
The current scoring approach is published in the ‘behaviour profile’ paper: Kelly et al. (2008)

OBS – Adult

OBS – French

(A French-language translation of the OBS)

OBS variations

A number of variations of the OBS are currently under development:

  • OBS-SR (A self report version of the adult OBS)
  • OBS-Kids (A paediatric version of the adult OBS)
  • OBS-Brief (A brief behavior rating tool)
OBS Training

Training in OBS administration will increase the consistency with which the tool is used, and promote better reliability in data collection.

These training sessions are half-day or full-day duration, and include coaching in administration, rating video vignettes, addressing common difficulties, time sampling and frequency count methods, common reporting uses, and psychometrics.

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