Neuropsychology assessment

This is a specialist assessment that involves an interview and a range of tasks designed to assess a person’s strengths and weaknesses in speed of thinking, attention, memory, new learning, planning, reasoning and problem solving.

Some reasons you might want such an assessment are:

  • to understand a person's current strengths and weaknesses and ways to support the person
  • to inform a behaviour support plan (by enabling us to make reasonable assessments of what a person is capable of)
  • to help determine someone’s capacity to make reasoned informed decisions (such as decisions about their accommodation, health or spending).
  • to diagnose the presence, type or severity of brain injury

Diverge assessors have each conducted hundreds of assessments. They are highly experienced with complicated diagnostic issues and provision of plain language, practical advice for follow up intervention. We routinely conduct assessments for private (self-funded) clients, compensible cases (e.g., TAC, Comcare), and medico-legal purposes.

Functional behaviour assessment

For some clients, a neuropsychology assessment already exists or may be deemed unnecessary. You may need an evaluation of a client’s behaviour – what is working well, and what is not, want an opinion on the breadth of factors that influence a client’s behaviour, and advice regarding how a situation might be altered to get a better outcome.

High quality behaviour assessments are critical for confident behaviour management interventions and good outcomes. Diverge staff qualifications, competence, and experience enable high-quality assessments.