Kids and Teens

Diverge also offers a full range of neuropsychology services for children and their families. These include specialist paediatric neuropsychology assessment, behaviour assessment, behaviour support, school liaison and training. We work closely with the child or young person and their “everyday people” – parents, family members, friends, schools and community – in order to develop the best understanding of the individual and family to allow us to provide the right support at the right time.

Our current paediatric clients range in age from two years old right through to young people in their late teens who are preparing to leave school and live independently. We work with children at any stage post injury, from those who have only recently had an ABI and are on their way home from hospital through to those who are many years post-injury. Because Diverge works with both children and adults after ABI, there is no cut off or change in services depending on age – we can work with the individual child and family whenever required, helping to smooth transitions at every point along the way towards adulthood.

We understand that brain injury in kids is different to that in adults, because it impacts on a developing brain and a developing life. We also understand the wide-reaching impact of childhood ABI not only on children themselves, but also on their families, friends and schools.

Making a referral to the Diverge Paediatric service is done in the same way as making a referral for an adult.