Diverge provides a range of specialist consultation services.
Our experienced staff understand disability services, health, justice and community services systems.




Secondary Consultation

We provide secondary consultation throughout Victoria to support service providers working with complex cases and challenging situations.

Our clinicians can assist with:
  • Discussion regarding individual client cases
  • Planning appropriate clinical approaches
  • Advice regarding assessment and behaviour-management strategies
  • Support, guidance, and training for care teams
  • Advice regarding family-sensitive practice
  • Information about referral pathways
  • Helping to identify solutions and achieve positive results
We provide consultation to:
  • Case managers and planners
  • Care teams, particularly where many organisations or clinicians are involved
  • Group homes, hostels and nursing homes
  • Mental health clinicians and teams
  • Community services Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI)
  • Insurance agencies
  • Government Departments

Consultations can be conducted face-to-face in the office or community, over the telephone or by video link.

Tertiary Consultation

Whereas secondary consultation relates to individual cases, tertiary consultation relates to service protocols that influence client groups.

Diverge provides tertiary consultation to various agencies regarding ABI and behaviour management, and tailoring service responses.

This can involve:
  • Advice regarding service protocols for specific client groups
  • Measuring or monitoring change and success
  • Developing skill sets among staff
  • Linking into networks and navigating service systems
  • Working across service silos
  • Collaboration and uniting teams that work with complex clients

Over the past ten years, our team has provided tertiary consultation to case-management agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, emergency services, Department of Justice, Victoria Police and the Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers Criminal Justice Network, and generic disability support services.

Project Consultation

Diverge can provide consultation regarding project planning and development.

We can assist with:
  • Research (background reviews, pilots, proof of concept, SCEDs, and more)
  • Literature reviews
  • Collaborative project proposals
  • Position papers

Please contact us to discuss your needs and consultation fees.