Community Projects

Experts in brain injury, complex cases and behaviour support services

Various community and service development projects have been undertaken or are ongoing at Diverge. A summary of these is below. Enquiries about existing projects or new initiatives can be directed to the Diverge office phone 9329 4330.

Many thanks to our supporters including the OPA, State Trustees, the Victorian Law Foundation, and the Mercy Foundation.

  • ABI Criminal Justice Resource Booklet

    The Victorian Law Foundation provided funding to the Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers (VCASP) to produce a criminal justice resource booklet specifically for people affected by acquired brain injury (ABI). This booklet informed individuals, families, and service providers about an individual’s legal rights, how to navigate the legal system and how to obtain legal representation and access support services. Partners on this project included Diverge, BrainLink, and Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service.

  • Prison Project

    In 2012, the Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers (VCASP) employed Diverge Consulting to write a report that compiled an evidence base regarding the plight of people with acquired brain injury (ABI) involved in the criminal justice system in Victoria, Australia. The report steps through key phases of the criminal justice process, from initial contact with police and independent third persons, to the courts and sentencing, prison, and post-release and community integration. At each phase, particular issues related to ABI are highlighted.
    The report entitled “Issues and inequities facing people with acquired brain injury in the criminal justice system” – was launched by the Victorian Public Advocate in December 2012. 
Report available for download here.

  • WEB (Women's Experience of Brain Injury)

    WEB (Women’s Experience of Brain injury) was a 6-week group program where women who have experienced brain injury shared their stories, identified ways of coping, developed skills and enhance their health and well being. The program assisted more than 30 women who had ABI as a result of traumatic brain injury, stroke, hypoxia, epilepsy and a number of other causes. It also provided support to women with ABI who have been victims of violence and aggression.

  • New Zealand Behaviour Support Services

    The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. A new initiative of the ACC was to provide a Behaviour Support Service, and Diverge was asked to assist in the development of this new service. Click here for more information about ACC and its activities.