Clinical research tools, practical guides and ABI resources for clinicians

Overt Behaviour Scale

The Overt Behaviour Scale (OBS) is used as a clinical and research tool in many countries. It was developed to record a range of challenging behaviours displayed by people with acquired brain injury (ABI) living in community settings.

The OBS provides clear operational definitions of challenging behaviours and its structured format helps to elicit information that might otherwise not be obtained. Administration guidelines assist with consistent and reliable use of the OBS.

Rights and Resources – People with ABI and the Victorian Justice System

In 2017 Diverge partnered with the Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers and Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service to produce a guidebook titled “Acquired Brain Injury and the Victorian Justice System: Rights and Resources”

This resource has been designed as a practical guide for people with ABI, as well as their families, carers and advisors as they negotiate the justice system. It included information about what to do, who to ask, and how to respond when faced with arrest, questioning, police custody, court hearings, conviction, prison and release.